Best M3U Players 2020

Want to experience TV on your devices without cable or a satellite set-up? This article is for you. Today we’ll be showing you all the best IPTV players that the world has to offer. We offer a concise, but, a comprehensive list of top IPTV M3U players that delivers exceptional experience when streaming TV data from your android, windows, Firestick, Smart TV, Roku, IPTV Box, iOS, and other applicable devices.

All thanks to the steady high-speed internet connections that are being established in most parts of the world, people can now connect to their favorite TV channels through their PCs and smartphones. Even as we speak, more internet protocol television service providers (IPTV sources) are emerging across the globe.

But as the IPTV channels are embedded in an M3U list file, viewers may experience compatibility issues when trying to browse their favorite TV channels.

What is M3U

M3U is the acronym of the MP3 URL. It represents a unique formatting system used to assemble and transfer MP3 files across the internet. Although it was created as a means of sharing and interfacing audio files on the internet, it has become the media format for streaming IPTV data.

At the moment, it is used for conveying visual contents and multimedia files from one end of the internet to another. An M3U list provides information on the TV channels you are intending to include in your IPTV playlist. So to read these files, you’ll need compactable M3U players. Once the playlist syncs with your media player, you can begin streaming your TV channel from anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, not all IPTV service providers offer M3U lists that are compatible with all media devices. For optimal results, subscribe to TIVENOW.

what are the 5 best M3U players of 2020? 

  1. VLC Media Player

There aren’t many media players in the market with the capacity to play different audiovisual files without codecs. However, the VLC media player begs the difference. Time and time again, VLC has proven itself to be a media player for your everyday media streaming needs. At the moment, VLC is the best media player for managing all sorts of local media files, To crown it all, VLC media player is available on a wide range of devices. You’ll find a VLC media player on smart TVs, Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, Fire TV, etc.

VLC Media Player

To stream TV data using M3U files on VLC, update your VLC to the latest version. Launch the media player, Visit the media area and click on “Open Network Streams”. Next, input the Live TV or Video URL and play. Enjoy!

  1. IPTV 

The name gives it away already. IPTV is another world-renowned media player with the capacity to stream IPTV channels on the web. Hence its position on our comprehensive list for the best M3U players of 2020. As an M3U compatible media player, IPTV offers a lot of options.

With this media player, you can stream different playlists from a wide range of providers (both paid and free sources). It offers impeccable streaming performance and speed on windows and android devices.


To stream videos and live TV on this player, launch the app and go to settings. You’ll see a URL search box, input the M3U link in there and load your playlist. Have fun!

  1. Perfect player IPTV

Perfect player IPTV is a TV data streaming media player that allows users to view all their favorite IPTV channels on smart TVs, smartphones, and desktops. Although it doesn’t have TV channels of its own, it allows users to manage local media files stored on their devices.

It has a huge control panel that allows you to personalize your viewing experience and it supports a wide range of media formats. Among them are XSPF, XMLTV, JTV EPG, and others.

Perfect player IPTV

To stream TV data with this player, open the app and input your M3U URL. Then click on the Add User option and wait for the program to load. Complete the process by clicking on your preferred channel.

  1. Kodi

This particular media player is popular for its third-part add-on streaming capacity, but it has the chops and tricks of the best M3U Players of 2020. As a result, it is the ideal media player for streaming IPTV channels on your device. If your quest for the best IPTV player for widows is what brought you here, you should consider installing Kodi. All you have to do is to input the link provided by your IPTV subscription provider and you can start streaming immediately. For an optimal experience with the Kodi media player, we recommend that you set up the PVR IPTV simple client.


Note; only add-ons provided by Kodi itself are authorized for streaming TV data. Thus, using third-party add-ons to stream TV data on Kodi can expose you to copyright laws.

  1. Smart IPTV

As the name implies, the smart IPTV media player is the ideal M3U player for streaming live IPTV channels on smart TVs, like LG, Samsung, etc. It offers a lot of options for android devices as well. Smart IPTV is a sleek media player that is compatible with a wide range of M3U playlists.

However, how smooth your M3U media runs on this device will depend on your IPTV subscription provider. So ensure you choose the right provider before installing an M3U player on your device. You can also install the smart IPTV app on Firestick, android box TV, tablets, Nvidia shield, and other smart TVs.

Smart IPTV


As IPTV subscriptions are becoming more and more renowned in our society, many M3U list providers are emerging across the world. To ensure optimum streaming experience on any media player, you must choose your IPTV provider with utmost care. What else are you waiting for? Subscribe to TIVENOW for a fascinating TV streaming experience.